Designing a cost effective system to mine the moon!

Imagining the possibilities, fusion reactors, conversion from mineral to fuel in space, and exploration!

Designing a craft capable of transporting minerals and man to the moon and back indefinitely!

Transportation of equipment and minerals

Discuss with us the options available for transporting equipment to the moon, and the best option for recovering large quantities of minerals.

Help us design a complete spacecraft

Help us discuss and design the flagship spacecraft for the transport of mining equipment and personnel, using available technologies.

Discuss the best methods to mine the moon

Once there, how do we go about mining the moon? How many people and what equipment is required, how do we power that equipment, is a base required?

The Lunar Quarry Project

A place to discuss and design the entire process of mining the moon

Mining the moon will be the first step towards interstellar travel. It has the opportunity to provide the Earth with a massive source of material for use in Nuclear Fusion Reactors, which have the ability to produce years of clean energy to power the entire world.

It also paves the way for production of spacecraft which can re-fuel en route, unlocking the exciting prospect of manned travel to other planets in our solar system and beyond.

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